C Koshy - Founder

Mr. C.Koshy


We prepare each student nurses to be humane in dealing with patients and the public. We have achieved and maintained the quality of education, disciples' spiritual atmosphere and better results with the continuous support of the students, parents teaching and non- teaching staffs of our college. Our students and the team of faculty are our great asset. Their commitment towards education and approach towards discipline is very much appreciable.Our success will continue with the blessings of god and support of the deed of trustees.

Dr. Santhosh Koshy - Chairman



Nursing is unique among the health care professions. More educated nursing workforce would be better equipped to meet the demands of an evolving health care system, and this need could be met by giving high quality nursing education system. In the 21st century, the health care needs are changing and the challenges related to this health care faced across the world are increasing day by day.Students are given enough opportunity to get practical exposure, self development, communication and soft skill training. We also give the nursing students ample placement opportunities in our hospitals or other associated hospitals.

Sathish Koshy - Secretary

Mr. Sathish Koshy


Koshys institute of management studies thus aims at creating professionally competent and highly enlightened citizens who will help build a strong India and ultimately improve the quality of life of our people. At koshys we constantly design and redesign the programs and curriculum to develop the student's capabilities in such a way which would be relevant and compatible for the ever changing needs of the demanding world.Besides this, Koshys institute of management studies is making sustained efforts to create knowledge, influence practice and integrate the same globally.

Sathish Koshy - Secretary

Prof. Sereena Shaji, RN, RM


With the immense growth of health care industry, Nursing has become one of the most sought after profession in the World. Koshys College of Nursing, from its inception is committed to provide holistic education through development of intellectual abilities, personal skills and interpersonal skills.

I am excited at the opportunity of getting associated with Koshys College of Nursing which has been running successfully for the past 14 years. Koshys College of Nursing with its academic delivery mode using a focused approach on experiential learning strives to create nursing professionals with dedication, commitment and passion for serving humanity.

The quest for knowledge never ends and we know that nursing practice in any capacity hinges on sound knowledge base. Keeping this in mind nursing education here at Koshys aims to promote excellence in Research and Healthcare with a vision to advance knowledge for Practice, Education, Research and Administration in Health care.

As an educational entity, we create opportunity for our students to excel in academic and co-curricular activities and blossom as well rounded global nurses. Getting exposed to multiple pathways and flexible options in getting the best in education at undergraduate, post graduate and professional level, our students are formed completely into confident, informed and skilled practitioners.