Training Program - KCN

Training for students

IELTS Coaching: We believe in producing academically qualified, clinically experienced and globally competent nurses. For this reason, the college has offered IELTS coaching for students to prepare them for placements abroad. Upon graduation, students will be assisted for their placement abroad should they qualify the requirements and standards set by the Hospitals and the Institution.

Certification Program:With the advancement of technology in the medical industry, students are given the opportunity to be trained in all aspects possible. The college organizes various certification programs each year apart from the academic curriculum with leading corporate hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. These certification programs offer a platform for students to be at par with the current developments in the medical industry.

Placement Training

Grooming Class At Koshys, we hold the noble profession of a Nurse to its highest standards and therefore train our students in all possible realms. We believe in producing nurses that are academically qualified, well groomed and presentable, having good communication skills and with pleasant personalities. The grooming class focuses on an in-depth training on developing their personalities, communication skills and life skills that no book can provide. Breaking away from the traditional Churidhar/Dupata clad nursing uniform, Koshys College of Nursing is the first and the only Nursing College in entire South India to introduce a one of a kind designer uniform. The new and improved designer uniform aims at ease of movement and comfort for our students while tending to patients and during busy clinical schedules apart from portraying the class and noble service recognition every nurse deserves. Grooming Professionals with extensive experience in the Hospitality Industry, Aviation Industry and Fashion Industry are employed for the grooming class scheduled twice in an academic year. With a team of Hair Stylist, Skin Specialist, Soft Skills trainer, Hospitality Trainer and Personality Development Trainer, Koshys College of Nursing is already making a mark in history.

Placement Training

Community ServiceAt Koshys, we believe in a system where students are given exposure to the maximum. For this very reason, we render our service to the community with NGO’s and various other platforms wherein students are exposed to an experience they don’t get from their clinical postings with hospitals. A series of community service is organized by the Social Work Department every year with aims to motivate and nurture the true calling of a nurse in our students, which is to SERVE.

Placement Training

Academic OrientationA strong academic orientation lays the foundation for life-long learning and it is imperative that all students attend the orientation programs conducted in the campus. The orientation program enables the students to familiarize themselves with the teaching methodology and aids used in the classroom, use of in-campus facilities and services, library and lab use, stationery supplies and other services. The programs also focus on academic and personal counseling, equipping students with necessary study skills required for academic setting, enabling students to adjust to different methodologies of teaching.