Campus Life

  • Hostel


    Established in 2003, within a span of 8 years , we have achieved the cult status of being one of the top nursing colleges in india, it is a 7 acre campus. The campus development plan has reshaped the university's estate enabling us to continue to deliver quality education programmmes. The development of this building has also had a massive visual impact on the campus.The building now boasts a striking glass- fronted entrance and welcome area, a wide range of food, drinks and entertainment.which accommodates up to 3000 students and staff . its not just the outside of our buildings that catch the eye though, students at koshys benefit from amazing teaching facilities. The university provides regular free shuttle buses.

  • Chapel and Prayer Hall

    Why Koshys?

    Affiliation: Koshys College of nursing is affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of health science, Karnataka, which is renowned for medical and nursing.
    Approval: we are approved by Indian nursing council (INC) & Karnataka Nursing council (KNC)
    Parent hospital: we have 3 own parent hospitals with 300 beds, few Kms away from the campus. Students get real time experience during practical exposure. Experienced faculty: our highly experienced faculty will build you and your career.
    Well equipped laboratories: Fully equipped laboratories give you freedom to apply your knowledge and avail supremacy in your subject.
    Guaranteed placement: our 3 fully functional hospitals give you 100% assurance of your placement.
    Beautiful Campus: we have an eye enchanting campus with lot of greenery, colorful gardens and peaceful environment that will indeed make your stay comfortable and memorable.
    Safety & Security: 5 well trained security guards are always patrolling inside the campus and ensuring your safety every moment.
    Anti Ragging committee: our anti ragging committee is lead by our principal herself with some of our selective students. We have no record of ragging since last 5 years.
    Parent Hospitals: We have 3 parent hospitals with the bed strength of 300 where our students are trained under a team of skilled professional teachers, nurses and medical specialists, Koshys Multispecialty Hospital, Little flower hospital, Zion multi specialty hospital and research centre

  • IT and commerce Labs


    Koshys libraries are recognized for the range and quality of services they offer to students. It provides access to over half a million books, tailor to the needs of the academic programme and that's exactly why the spacious library at koshys college is aptly called the information centre. In addition to that we have the audio –visual section houses on extensive range of CD ROMS, audio & video tapes. Students have access to high speed internet with Wi-Fi connectivity. To help develop your skills and ensure you reach your full potential we offer a range of skills sessions and support materials, tailored to meet your needs at every stage of your course. Support Help is available – you can consult our staff in person at the library. You can discuss your particular research needs on a one- to- one basis. The library Serves a rich work space for students and lecturers.

    Some of the features of the library are: Over 2,00,000/- volumes More than 18,000/- International & national Journals Access to all ICFAI electronic Journals, with other international journals such as Harvard business review, Harvard management update, ACM transaction, software engineering Notes etc. Access to company Profiles and data An array of multi-media tools, cases and learning resources Reprographic Facilities Membership of several leading libraries such as IIMB, British council, etc All in all you'll be joining us at a time when our campus has never been more inspiring and our teaching facilities have never been more state- of- the- art

  • Cafeteria


    We know that all work and no play is no fun, which is where our play programme of sporting opportunities comes in, our play programme will help you stay fit and active.we welcome those of you who like some friendly competition.here students explore various team games such as basket ball, cricket,foot ball volley ball etc. inter-collegiate competitions are also organized at frequent intervals not only in sports but also in literary activities. Koshys will help you improve your career , whether you are looking for a promotion, to change careerdirection, return to work after a break, or if you just want a new experience.
    We support you when you are here We know the settling in to a new country and culture can be quite daunting to many students, so our welfare and international students advisers are here to provide advice and support for international students on a range of issues. These may include settling in at the university and the local areas, visas, and immigration

  • Sports Utilities

    Career mentorship

    Our students are guided and mentored by a highly experienced, competent counseling team to specifically create a career road map. This in turn shapes them towards having a systematic future plan with good clarity. Students with the difficulty to cope up with the rigorous academic curriculum are given special attention and groomed according to their needs. Systematic programmes are designed to systematically tackle their issues step by step. Every student of koshys will be assigned a guide cum tutor who will assist and guide the student in career planning. Process monitoring and problem solving related to the programme. The college attaches great importance to the need for the process of mentoring.
    Our Students are also put through an advanced technical analysis (test) which deeply focuses on their different aspects, to specifically diagnose the talent areas and their main aptitude inclination. This helps in molding them according to their tastes and finally inducting them in to the best organizations.

  • GYM

    Training Arena

    Placement is believed to be not a one step process but an ongoing complementary one along with regular academia. Each and every student is taken through different training phases inclined towards individual holistic development. Logical analysis and reasoning as well as enhancement of practical application skills. Areas mainly concentrated on are strengthening communication (verbal &non-; verbal) skills, instilling the art of persuasion, developing the talent of negotiations and arguments, and finally crisis-conflict management talents.
    A three step Process
    Phase1: Induction process: Each student at koshys undergoes a self analysis through the psychometric assessment and behavior analysis. This gives a good clarity in to the different talents and tastes of each individual, which helps them inclined towards that direction.
    Phase 2: Skills development: Special interest is taken to enhance communication (verbal&non-; Verbal) ability through presentations, open discussions and one on one session with the mentors
    Phase 3: Dress rehearsal & finishing school training: Mock interviews & group discussions, fortnight aptitude tests, real time case studies, out borne trips are organized to implement the different capabilities acquired. Along with this, students are specifically molded as well as sculpted to the industry and sector of their choice. Partcipate keenly in the three phases and it is guaranteed
    You would be placed!!!
    Student counseling centre The centre tries to solve issues related to learning problems, relationship problems, personal habits, punctuality (time management), anger management and self- esteem, domestic violence and cultural/ethnic diversity. The counselor suggests ways to cope or overcome the problems with relevant counseling and guidance.