About us

A premier centre institute, created by the koshys educational trust in 2003 during the very brief period of its existence, emerged as a hub of excellence in teaching research and creativity with a special emphasis on producing effective care. The Koshys College of nursing can rightly boast of a highly qualified and renowned faculty. We have HOD's for all departments and other experienced faculty who have dedicated themselves towards the motto of the institutions "preparing for success".

As science, nursing is based on scientific knowledge which is expanding and ever changing and diversifying in to specialty areas. The opportunities for a nurse are varied and limitless. A new professional nurse may choose between clinical practice, education, research, management, administration, occupational and industrial nursing. The horizon has expanded widely abroad with never ending staff shortage in western countries. European and Middle East countries not ignoring the demands "at home". Our 3 parent hospitals with a total of 300 beds were of a support towards the skill training. The nursing and medical professionals at the hospital help in training of students.

The centre facility at institution includes a widespread 7 acres with a chapel for their spiritual growth. The institute provides accommodation to over 500 students in 3 hostels including special hostel with fully furnishing facility. The separate hostel facility for boys and girls make their stay comfortable. We have various playgrounds for indoor and outdoor activities, international canteen, specialty labs and computer lab with internet connection.

Koshys Vision

Our goal is to be the national leader among academic health centre of nursing. We are building on our traditional missions of patient care, education and research by creating nurses in nursing and delivery of health care. Educating nurses in an appropriate learning environment to be efficient and safe practitioners by adapting our organization to the changing environment. Working collaborates as partners in the delivery of health care with nursing colleagues in hospital and college and with other professional colleagues.

Koshys Mission

Our mission is to provide quality patient care based on our strong commitment to practice education, research, innovation and collaboration.

What sets KCN apart?

Our curriculum has been designed taking into consideration, the need for knowledge and application orientation of today’s professional nurses. Our students are represented in just about every specialty of healthcare domain including, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, internal medicine, and pediatrics. At KCN, you are more than just a student; you’re family, where you get an opportunity to experience a personalized education. You will be welcomed by faculty who live on campus, know your name, and who support you even outside of the classroom.

Students have daily contact with nursing professionals who observe, correct and help tomorrow’s nurses be their very best. Students learn to nurture people as well as learn critical skills. Our new Simulation Center helps students learn to apply what they learn in the classroom. The School of Nursing is comprised of spacious classrooms, simulation labs along with practice rooms and discussion areas. As an added benefit, the nursing school has full access to the facilities of three hospitals in the vicinity.

After all, what is the reason for attending nursing school if you are unable to gain practical hospital and community experience? KCN imparts training through the hospital based and community nursing process, which is holistic in nature. Our students are treated with the highest priority when it comes to hospital placement.

KCN understands that in current times, we must do everything possible to provide Students with on-campus and off-campus support, which is why we offer several learning and scholarship options for deserving eligible students.Take the next step in pursuing your dream!


We value professionalism which allows initiative and entrepreneurship at every level and creates an environment of team spirit.

We believe in innovative nursing education, research and training talented professionals who are totally dedicated to patient care.

We believe in the value of human life, the inherent worth of the individual and the right of each individual to the attainment of high standards of health and work with communities to achieve them.

Multi talent, Commitment, and quality as the branding instruments.

We believe in lifelong learning, tapping potential and advancing the knowledge base by critical thinking, risk taking and facing challenges.

* Professionalism

* Social Justice

* Dedication

* Tapping the potential